Meaning of seventh heaven in English:

seventh heaven

Pronunciation /ˌsɛvnθ ˈhɛvn/


  • 1With the. Also with capital initials. The most exalted level of heaven, especially the highest and most holy or blessed of the hierarchical series of heavens described in Jewish and Islamic theology.

    According to the Talmudic Hagigah 12b, the seventh heaven is the place where God dwells over the angels, the souls of the righteous, and the souls of those yet to be born.

  • 2 figurative A place or state of supreme bliss. Now chiefly in "in seventh heaven": ecstatically happy. Formerly also with the.


Old English. From seventh + heaven. Compare post-classical Latin septimum caelum, Hellenistic Greek ἕβδομος οὐρανός (2nd century), post-biblical Hebrew hārāqīaʿ haššĕḇiʿi (used in the Midrash, e.g. at Psalm 68:5, to gloss ʿărāḇōṯ highest heaven).