Meaning of sewage works in English:

sewage works



British treated as singular or plural
  • A place where sewage is treated so that the resultant effluent can be returned safely to a river, the sea, etc.

    ‘The waste from both flows to the small New Labour sewage works half a mile away.’
    • ‘The reported evidence is that Skipton sewage works was not a contributory factor in this case.’
    • ‘Residents there have long complained about the stink from the sewage works.’
    • ‘Smells hitting residents living near Stambridge sewage works have led to a clash in the House of Commons.’
    • ‘When the sewage works is reached bear left away from the river and follow a path which keeps the boundary fence of the works to your immediate right.’
    • ‘It said the presence of nearby sewage works would be detrimental to the health of those who attended and would not endear York to those people.’
    • ‘Turn left along the track for a short distance before turning left along the path running alongside the sewage works which leads back to the river.’
    • ‘Running behind the school was the railway line to Henley-on-Thames, with sweeping views of the local sewage works and the River Thames.’
    • ‘But Judge Carr said the Hounslow case might take a year to conclude and additional investment at the sewage works would benefit residents.’
    • ‘The major sites for development that have been identified and are undergoing construction are the Royal Marsden site and the Worcester Park former sewage works site.’
    • ‘The housing development on the former sewage works in Green Lane started off at 240 houses with beautiful parkland and quickly grew to 360 houses.’
    • ‘Residents on Canvey are set to start getting lungs full of fresh air, rather than stinking sewage fumes, as work to reduce smells from the island's sewage works finally comes to an end.’
    • ‘It uses far, far less energy than putting it through a traditional sewage works and cleaning it up with chemicals.’
    • ‘Southern Water's proposes to spend £150m to reduce flooding from sewers as well as address other customer concerns, such as smelly sewage works.’
    • ‘Her evocation of the industrial glories of Beckton - its historic gas holders, its pioneering sewage works - was perhaps the most emotional passage of all.’
    • ‘Kingston University and Spirit Bond Student Housing have called for a public inquiry into the plans to build on the disused sewage works located at Lower Marsh Lane, Surbiton.’
    • ‘The work is being carried out as part of Yorkshire Water's £400 million Rivercare investment to upgrade inland sewage works, storm overflows and sewers.’
    • ‘Ms Keen said: ‘The smell coming from the sewage works is unacceptable and must stop.’’
    • ‘These include upgrading 51 water treatment works, replacing 2,500 kilometres of mains and reducing pollutants running into the River Eden from Bolton sewage works.’
    • ‘There was concern that access to the path from the former sewage works site being developed by St James Homes might be restricted.’