Meaning of sewing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsəʊɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The action or activity of sewing.

    ‘the machine will save hours of hard sewing’
    • ‘She did a lot of knitting and sewing, volunteered in her church, and sang in the choir.’
    • ‘Charity, on the other hand, was far superior at stitching and all manner of sewing.’
    • ‘Australia is the world center of sewing and crafts, so we should be able to get some good thread from them.’
    • ‘A few hours later, Marie stopped her sewing and frowned into the sunset from her window.’
    • ‘So I went to my room and worked on some sewing and embroidery, to pass the time.’
    • ‘They made shoes, they cooked, and they did spinning, sewing and embroidery together.’
    • ‘Three other young sisters taught sewing or embroidery during the late 1830s and longer.’
    • ‘Ann's marriage to Simon, apparently not a happy one, led her to find work in sewing or needlework.’
    • ‘It also boasts of a youth skills centre where youths are taught skills like woodwork, sewing and hairdressing.’
    • ‘Needless to say, button sewing wasn't adventuresome enough for him, and he left me home alone to finish my task.’
    • ‘Her teaching duties most likely also included sewing and embroidery.’
    • ‘The elderly take part in activities including sewing and knitting.’
    • ‘Activities like reading, driving and sewing are severely affected.’
    • ‘Informally, women met to socialize and do needlework and sewing.’
    • ‘Kids who were initially intimidated by the thought of sewing soon came to realize how fun and fulfilling quilting together could be.’
    • ‘The schoolgirls were attending the first of two 10-day courses arranged by the firm to introduce the needlewoman of the future to the art of mechanical sewing.’
    • ‘I use headphones on a daily basis as I do a lot of sewing on industrial-class machines and like to block out the mechanical noise as well as listen to the radio clearly.’
    • ‘She was doing her sewing and thinking about her fiancé Nathan.’
    • ‘Some time during her earlier years, Ellen went to Alta to perfect her knowledge of the Norwegian language, and to learn home economics and sewing.’
    1. 1.1Work that is to be or is being sewn.
      ‘she put down her sewing’
      • ‘I picked up my sewing and began to stitch quickly.’
      • ‘Leslie smiled and turned back to her sewing, moving what looked like a shirt sleeve along the jabbing threaded needle.’
      • ‘I put down my sewing and go in and shut it off for him.’
      • ‘So I sat myself on one of the window seats and took up my sewing.’
      • ‘Aimee looked up from her sewing, and, seeing that it was Keira, practically launched herself at her best friend.’
      • ‘Elizabeth nodded and picked her sewing back up.’
      • ‘Even on the night of Chun's funeral she returns to her sewing.’
      • ‘She wanted to see all of my sewing, and the things I had made.’
      • ‘She bent over her sewing so that she wouldn't look at him.’
      • ‘Beth puts down her sewing more than once and stares off.’
      • ‘He looked up from his sewing surprised.’
      • ‘Frantically putting away her sewing, Althia had the courtesy to blurt out a farewell to her mother and sister before dashing off into the hallway.’
      • ‘He stared at her sewing which she had taken up again.’
      needlework, needlecraft, fancywork, stitching
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