Meaning of sex discrimination in English:

sex discrimination

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(also sexual discrimination)
mass noun
  • Discrimination in employment and opportunity against a person (typically a woman) on grounds of sex.

    ‘Her other columns on sex discrimination may be found in the archive of her columns on this site.’
    • ‘No court has ever acknowledged this result in the context of sex discrimination.’
    • ‘The distinction arises because of the peculiar meaning of sex discrimination for men.’
    • ‘I see no reasonable prospect of his persuading a tribunal that this was sex discrimination.’
    • ‘But it was wrong to sanction blatant sex discrimination as a way to achieve them.’
    • ‘It also confronts our judiciary with an instance of sex discrimination that has yet to be recognized as such.’
    • ‘Her previous columns on sex discrimination and other issues may be found in the archive of her columns on this site.’
    • ‘A labor law prohibiting sexual harassment and sex discrimination went into effect in April.’
    • ‘The legislation is not there to tackle discriminatory treatment but to outlaw sex discrimination.’
    • ‘In order to fulfil the third requirement he must prove the absence of sex discrimination, direct or indirect.’
    • ‘This is simply sex discrimination masquerading as readiness legislation.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, the Supreme Court held that sex discrimination was unconstitutional.’
    • ‘When she was denied promotion and tenure at the University of New Hampshire, she sued for sex discrimination.’
    • ‘Her other columns on sexual harassment and other forms of sex discrimination can be found in the archive of her columns on this site.’
    • ‘Put simply, if a woman is fired, and a man in her situation would not have been, then that is sex discrimination under the law, too.’
    • ‘As a result, not much is known about lawmakers' intent in adding protections against sex discrimination to the law.’
    • ‘And sex discrimination by a state government is an obvious Fourteenth Amendment violation.’
    • ‘Costa alleged that her firing was an act of sex discrimination.’
    • ‘Men often make more than their female partners - a reality that itself is largely the product of sex discrimination.’
    • ‘They are also seeking compensation for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination under European legislation.’