Meaning of sex kitten in English:

sex kitten

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  • A young woman who asserts or exploits her sexual attractiveness.

    • ‘she's played the roles of sex kitten, political radical, and aerobics goddess’
    • ‘You can be a sex kitten, you know, at 80, if you want to be.’
    • ‘Brenda's extraordinary mutation into a wanton sex kitten lasted for exactly one weekend.’
    • ‘Do we really need another movie about an essentially unattractive guy winning the sex kitten?’
    • ‘You see her as this nurturing being as opposed to the sex kitten you married.’
    • ‘‘Whatever you say my sex kitten,’ Tru answers proudly.’
    • ‘Her music sounds like a flirtation with early 80s techno combined with the lusty lyrics of gangsta rap, delivered in a voice that resembles a dominatrix at times, a sex kitten at others.’
    • ‘It's like she turned into a sex kitten or something.’
    • ‘We see her playing the sex kitten by laying naked at the promotional press conference pushing her sexual assets on to the screen.’
    • ‘I wonder if this is a conscious decision to fit with a more serious musical agenda or if she just got tired of the sex kitten that she herself had created.’
    • ‘She is talking with a valley girl-type accent and purrs in almost a sex kitten like way.’
    • ‘But sometimes her little sex kitten routine seemed so tiresome.’
    • ‘Jessie was hot, even more so now, in her sex kitten outfit.’
    • ‘A last word before we go: maybe it's fitting that a former movie star whale gets a helping hand from a former cinema sex kitten.’
    • ‘Peering out from behind a helmet of black hair, she is stylish but not styled, neither coquettish sex kitten nor guitar-toting tomboy.’
    • ‘Going to meet me at the gate with that sex kitten of yours?’
    • ‘Are we sure that's the look we should go for, considering I'm not a movie star sex kitten?’
    • ‘‘I'd say more like sex kitten,’ she added, tapping her cigarette free of ashes into a clay mug.’
    • ‘Time to bust out the tried-and-true weapon of every major sex kitten: stockings.’
    • ‘Her ability to alter her singing style to suit every sex kitten she portrays, makes this a thoroughly enjoyable show.’
    • ‘I mean they're not like randy sex kittens or anything, but it starts to feel like sexual tension.’