Meaning of sex life in English:

sex life


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  • A person's sexual activity and relationships considered as a whole.

    ‘his sex life was extremely complicated’
    • ‘there is a reluctance to believe that one's parents have sex lives of any sort’
    • ‘He was a fully realized character who had an active sex life, a tragic love story, and a gay teenage foster son.’
    • ‘The only constant in relationships is that people change, so you can count on the fact your sex life is going to also change.’
    • ‘That a fulfilling sex life that is also safe is not possible for them?’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, having a sex life is a wonderful thing, but it's become unimportant at this point.’
    • ‘So, you spend a lot of time thinking about fish and their sex life, do you?’
    • ‘It is not just being overscheduled that prevents you from having a sex life.’
    • ‘It sometimes seems as if the entire nation's infrastructure hinges on my sex life.’
    • ‘Is it time to move on, or can you live with a bland sex life and doused fireworks?’
    • ‘Thinking about my sex life in comparison with other women made me see I deserved real pleasure.’
    • ‘I was at the same age Mom had been at when she lost her virginity, so now my sex life or possible sex life was of key importance to her.’
    • ‘I'm not sure about you Finola, but I don't make a habit of asking my parents about their sex life.’
    • ‘An older couple were having trouble with their sex life, so the wife went to a sex therapist and was advised to try sexercises.’
    • ‘If you've seen a lowering of libido in your sex life, ladies, there are things you can do.’
    • ‘Are we in danger of establishing a negative sexual environment that will sabotage our sex life down the line?’
    • ‘That said, changing your sex life when involved in a long-term relationship can be difficult.’
    • ‘For instance, I don't like asking people about sex because I don't write about my own sex life.’
    • ‘He may also, if he wishes, go into explicit details about his sex life with her.’
    • ‘Despite the evidence presented to us that she loves her husband and is happy with their sex life, she hesitantly embarks on an affair with the younger man.’
    • ‘The problem this lady wrote to me about is her desire for a decent sex life, though she has her doubts about an affair.’
    • ‘He said, Barker, at your age, you should be grateful you have a sex life.’