Meaning of sex offender in English:

sex offender


  • A person who commits a crime involving a sexual act.

    • ‘You're a convicted sex offender or a rapist, or violent criminal.’
    • ‘Though I register as a sex offender, Sex Offender Registration has never been a deterrent to me - but it has been punitive.’
    • ‘I suppose he might not know the ropes in bed, but on the other hand, he's probably not a sex offender wanted in another state, and isn't that a more important thing to know?’
    • ‘In some places he must register as a sex offender.’
    • ‘Of course in your fantasy you don't have to worry about being branded a sex offender if you do get caught.’
    • ‘The extent to which their responses to our experimental manipulations can be generalized to the sex offender population is an open question.’
    • ‘I didn't really care where I ended up, so long as I wasn't being held captive by a psycho killer/stalker / sex offender / thief.’
    • ‘So far we've been through three Hawaiians, the burglars across the street, the besotted neighbor in love with Scott, the Satanic cult, and now we're down to a deranged sex offender.’
    • ‘I just wanted to find out if you suspect that there's a sex offender somewhere in your neighborhood, how do you actually go about pursuing that person and getting information about that one person?’
    • ‘Fortunately for Todd and Sarah, their fellow suburbanites are too distracted by the news that a convicted sex offender has moved into the neighbourhood to focus their moral outrage on the couple.’
    • ‘In fact, the applicant is unlikely to be permitted to join the work release program because, as a sex offender in relation to a child, he would be at serious risk of injury at the hands of other prisoners.’
    • ‘Generally speaking, are these kinds of offenders who've been through these programs, less likely to re-offend than your standard sex offender?’
    • ‘Are we protecting our children or the sex offender?’
    • ‘He hasn't been back to a prison since he was released in 2000, and because he was a sex offender he occupied the bottom rung in the convict hierarchy.’
    • ‘If somebody is suspected of being a sex offender, then I must advocate with regret the position that the risks to the community are too great for that person to be allowed to move around freely.’
    • ‘The victim, a sex offender, was permanently disfigured.’
    • ‘I knew he lashed out at the repeating sex offender, the abusive father, the man who sexually assaulted a random woman on the street.’
    • ‘A convicted sex offender escaped from a nearby prison with two pistols and a shotgun and made his way onto Mann's land.’
    • ‘But father was mad because I accepted a ride home from a boy, who he thought was a potential sex offender.’
    • ‘For all we know, he could be a previous sex offender.’


sex offender