Meaning of sex role in English:

sex role


  • The role or behaviour learned by a person as appropriate to their sex, determined by the prevailing cultural norms.

    ‘The male sex role emphasizes the importance of heterosexuality to masculinity, thus heterosexual males may need to affirm their masculinity by rejecting gay men.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that boys may tend to be open and active in their sexual encounters with older females, perhaps because actively seeking sex is consistent with the male sex role.’
    • ‘Adjustment to one's proper sex role as an adult was premised, then, not so much on the psychodynamics of family life as on the existence of social practices conducive to heterosexuality.’
    • ‘It is here that the reversal of the possible sex roles generally attributed to women in gangsta rap occurs, and the switching of power roles, vis-a-vis sex roles, is accomplished.’
    • ‘These women demanded only fair treatment within traditional sex roles, never really questioning the salience of marriage itself.’
    • ‘Pedro Almodóvar became a popular and world-famous film director through his edgy comedies that employed camp elements and themes of mixed-up gender and sex roles, comedies like Law of Desire and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.’
    • ‘They move in feminine ways, have feminine voices (a ‘gay accent ‘) and tend to be feminine in their sex roles.’’
    • ‘Such a reading could be analyzed as a male response to changing sex roles in American society, specifically to the perceived threat of female freedom (economic, social and sexual) and female vociferousness.’
    • ‘New Zealand-born sexologist John Money invented the term ‘gender identity’ in the 1960s and proposed that sex roles are learnt - the product of early experience rather than something innate.’
    • ‘The sexual desire presumption also breaks down when it turns out that harassment is the product of other motivations: the desire to reinforce sex roles, to drive women out of men's jobs, or to exert power over subordinates.’
    • ‘There are many reasons for lack of sexual desire in men: boredom, fear of closeness, overwork, overstress and changing sex roles (more sexually aggressive women).’
    • ‘The twentieth century witnessed many new developments in the biological and social sciences, all of which suggested that sexuality and sex roles were far more fluid than had been previously thought.’
    • ‘Indeed, in his now-infamous conference remarks, Lawrence Summers invoked the history of the kibbutz movement to help make his case that biology might partially explain sex roles.’
    • ‘The proliferation of this usage in subsequent decades was a measure of the spread of the feminist claim that sex roles are socially imposed and largely arbitrary, and that they can and should be changed.’
    • ‘A strict division of sex roles is typically used to describe prehistoric groups, with males hunting and females being predominantly involved in agricultural tasks.’
    • ‘In the popular literature, Hochschild explicitly denied that traditional sex roles in home production were shifting to accommodate changes in the labor market.’
    • ‘Nursing ‘sick, wounded, and dying soldiers’ has been seen as an affirmation and continuation of traditional sex roles.’
    • ‘My argument describes this shift as a change in work-gender identities; specifically, labor practices linked to sex roles.’