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sex worker


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  • A person who engages in prostitution, appears in pornography, or takes part in similar activities for payment.

    ‘there were separate clinics for female and male sex workers’
    • ‘Calculation is made by measuring the percentage of men who reported condom use at the last episode of sex with a sex worker and those who reported sexual intercourse with a sex worker in the last 12 months preceding the survey.’
    • ‘The cost-benefit analysis actually takes place in the different layers of the complex framework of personal perception of pleasure, sense of masculine sexuality, and responsibilities to perform safer sex with a sex worker.’
    • ‘In Thailand, a particularly heart-wrenching example of the pandemic's toll is found in the story of Lek, a former sex worker trying to see her family one last time before she dies.’
    • ‘People who work on the streets generally are younger than your average sex worker in a brothel.’
    • ‘The primary function of a safe house brothel is to provide a room where a street sex worker can provide a commercial sexual service to their client.’
    • ‘The show concludes with the monologue of a lesbian sex worker, who describes her obsession with making other women moan.’
    • ‘Brown was an escort and a sex worker for 10 years.’
    • ‘Bizarrely, under the laws governing prostitution in this country, it is legal to be a sex worker but not to solicit - offer sex for money - in a public place (and massage parlours are deemed to be public places).’
    • ‘That makes it more dangerous for the sex worker.’
    • ‘A film about an ex-junkie sex worker who watched several friends spiral into drug addiction and premature death?’
    • ‘Ideas concerning sex work in South Africa also were clearly influenced by the international sex worker's rights movement, which began in the 1970s in North America and Western Europe.’
    • ‘The sex worker too is a woman and has a natural desire - and, indeed, the right - to bear a child.’
    • ‘Lisa thought she needed therapy to help her deal with the stresses of leading a double life, but it's the exploitative and surprisingly addictive side to being a sex worker that provides the real motivation for therapy.’
    • ‘I'm a guy in my mid-20s, and I'm a sex worker.’
    • ‘A lawyer for the society says the laws are in fact unconstitutional, as they restrict a sex worker's rights to freedom of expression, life, liberty and security and equality.’
    • ‘They'll be banding together to discuss work issues as they pertain to their respective countries, focusing on laws, the sex worker in society, personal safety and health.’
    • ‘Every sex worker alive has had to deal with losing partners, dates, family and friends because of their profession; disclosure can be tricky.’
    • ‘They are more conscious of getting sexually transmitted diseases from a sex worker, but less conscious of contracting it from their partners.’
    • ‘Well, just because a man or woman is a sex worker does not mean that they should not be treated with equal concern or respect.’
    • ‘Unlike marginal users, respondents in this category recognized a drug-related role, whether dealer, runner, hustler, sex worker, or drug addict, as an important role along with nondrug-related roles.’