Meaning of sexcapade in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛkskəpeɪd/


informal mainly US
  • A sexual escapade; an illicit affair.

    • ‘the Star has exposed his sexcapades with various starlets’
    • ‘She is said to be bracing herself for further embarrassment if her latest sexcapades end up on the net.’
    • ‘Efforts to stem students' sexcapades can only be achieved through guidance.’
    • ‘Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have engaged in some sort of brief, heat-of-the-evening sexcapade.’
    • ‘People in foreign countries probably know of your wild sexcapades!’
    • ‘In the Dreamworks film version, a Capitol Hill nymphet blogs anonymously about her Congressional sexcapades.’
    • ‘She went on to stand by her daughter through years of controversy around her well-documented sexcapades.’
    • ‘Tommy, famous for his sexcapades, is finally going to go to college.’
    • ‘The article goes on to detail Jessica's sexcapades and offers up justifications for her taking money for sex.’
    • ‘There's a scene about two-thirds of the way through She's Too Young in which a group of parents have a meeting in the hopes of reaching a solution to their teens' wild sexcapades.’
    • ‘What with the hubbub about the 26-year-old and her sexcapades, I decided a read-through would be in order, and I curled up the other day with the blog and a martini in a state of high anticipation.’
    • ‘Senatorial sexcapades continue to roil impeachment-happy Washington, but the ‘Times’ refuses to pursue the whole story.’
    • ‘The franchise grows up a bit in this latest instalment, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, a Mexican who made a splash in 2001 with Y Tu Mamá También, a sensitive film about teen three-way sexcapades.’
    • ‘A Dublin cabbie, not realising what I was in town for, started discussing his sexcapades.’


1950s blend of sex and escapade.