Meaning of sexiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛksɪnəs/

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mass noun
  • 1The quality of being sexually attractive or alluring.

    ‘Sadie oozed sexiness’
    • ‘the outfit gave a hint of sexiness’
    • ‘Her own brand of subtle sexiness is far more appealing than the overt style of others.’
    • ‘More a star than an actress, she holds her own with style, sexiness, and humour.’
    • ‘The women are made out to be conniving and willing to use their sexiness to trap a man into marriage.’
    • ‘It's a state of affairs that makes the playful sexiness of the R & B singer seem radical.’
    • ‘In Hollywood, cleavage alone symbolizes sexiness.’
    • ‘In this role, he effectively squashes most of the intelligence and sexiness that he has demonstrated in the past.’
    • ‘There is a strength, an intelligence, a weariness, and an inherent sexiness about him that is almost impossible to deny.’
    • ‘Personally, I found her to be just darling—she is a terrific mix of sexiness, class, and vulnerability.’
    • ‘For those who know her primarily as the earnest TV-drama doctor, her uninhibited sexiness when in the throes of ghostly passion comes as quite a surprise.’
    • ‘As the showgirl, she was adorably bold, and her delicate sexiness is the type that oozes warmth and good humour.’
  • 2 informal The quality of being exciting or appealing.

    • ‘the book lacks a certain sexiness’
    • ‘It's the sexiness of the object that draws collectors.’
    • ‘It probably got its notoriety for its political sexiness rather than its literary daring.’
    • ‘Her overriding perception of the game, for all its quality as a spectator sport, was the lack of style and sexiness in its presentation.’
    • ‘He had the coolness of a Chablis and the sexiness of a Syrah.’
    • ‘We want to celebrate the sexiness of life rather than a pretentious, snobby emptiness.’
    • ‘The problem is that the 'opinion-formers', in the past at least, were proclaiming the superior seriousness (and sexiness) of Roman history.’
    • ‘The whole imagery in advertising of nightlife, black limos, the black Cadillacs—there's a degree of allure and sexiness attached to that.’
    • ‘Their redesign has me convinced—it's light and airy, and it even calls out the sexiness of the application.’
    • ‘The sexiness of the new design is the "pretty cool" engineering of putting a chrome band round the edge to act as the antenna.’
    • ‘Welding litigation may lack the sexiness of asbestos or tobacco, but the verdicts that he is aiming for could wreak financial havoc on the welding industry.’