Meaning of sexist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛksɪst/

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  • Characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

    ‘old-fashioned sexist attitudes’
    • ‘a blatantly sexist remark’
    • ‘The supportive environment encourages the group to discuss issues raised by the often sexist lyrics of hip hop.’
    • ‘The beer segment is especially funny with its blatant sexist overtones.’
    • ‘Today's social decorum might dictate a dismissal of overtly sexist, cheap popular imagery.’
    • ‘He's just a sexist lout who thinks he's a Latin lover.’
    • ‘It loses points for its sexist point of view regarding 'inner beauty'.’
    • ‘In a sexist, thoughtless, simple-minded story, he found yet a new way to ghettoize actresses in Hollywood.’
    • ‘Others have told me that they thought I was making some sort of sexist statement by showing an entrapped female.’
    • ‘Her plans to study medicine elicit her brother's sexist comment that she should be satisfied with nursing.’
    • ‘The struggle for genuine spiritual self-definition using outmoded, sexist terms becomes these girls' existential crisis.’
    • ‘The couples on the street showed a noteworthy equality, and everyday flirtation is carried out, in general, without sexist airs.’


  • A person with sexist views.

    ‘I want to make it clear that I'm certainly not a sexist’
    • ‘sexists have no place in our modern political campaigns’
    • ‘At first they don't mesh, mostly because he is a pig-headed sexist and she is an outspoken lesbian.’
    • ‘Belittling her intellectual legitimacy is the sort of a tactic often employed by sexists, racists, and others who cling to power for fear of losing it.’
    • ‘Anybody who disagrees with what is daubed on the wall must be shouted down as a sexist, a racist, or a homophobe.’
    • ‘It's a plot by sexists in general to prove that women just aren't funny.’
    • ‘They're trying to portray them as a bunch of bigots, racists, and sexists—the same old playbook stuff.’
    • ‘Sexists say this event just isn't the same as the NBA draft, which is true.’
    • ‘Saying that men are more likely to be violent criminals, rapists, or sexists would be 'derogatory or demeaning', and thus sexual harassment.’
    • ‘They think being invited back to the next party is more important than calling someone a sexist after an insensitive joke.’
    • ‘I'm no sexist, but any culture not at least minimally protective of women and children is ultimately self-genocidal.’
    • ‘It's yet another way to caricature the right as knee-jerk sexists and foaming-at-the-mouth religious zealots.’


1940s from sex + -ist.