Meaning of sexologist in English:



See sexology

  • ‘Research by the famous sexologists Masters and Johnson, published in 1966 as Human Sexual Response, did much to re-appropriate the pursuit of sexual pleasure as a ‘healthy’ activity.’
  • ‘The Montreal psychologist and sexologist writes 100 reports a year for courts analyzing the psychological tendencies of the accused and appears another three or four times testifying as an expert witness in high-profile cases.’
  • ‘His career as a sexologist (now the subject of a film, which opens next month) began in 1938, when he was in his 40s and had accomplished about all he could with his gall wasps and was looking for some other outlet for his uncontainable energy.’
  • ‘Against the sentimental, self-indulgent, and socially destructive rhetoric of romance, marriage experts and sexologists such as Ellis deployed the scientific language of personal interaction, conflict management, and healing.’
  • ‘Moreover, sexologists, degenerationists, and biomedical researchers alike did not widely agree on the terms of sexual identity and practice, nor did they always highlight sexuality as a primary category of identification.’