Meaning of sexploitation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛksplɔɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


  • The commercial exploitation of sex, sexual attractiveness, or sexually explicit material.

    • ‘the film is awful even by the low standards of '60s sexploitation’
    • ‘sexploitation movies’
    • ‘Moreover, the work of Hubbard, Lasker, Law, and myself shows that prostitutes are not merely passive victims of exploitation or sexploitation.’
    • ‘Depending on where you stand on the issue, unregulated sexuality, or sexploitation, lies at the heart of the prostitution/sex work debate.’
    • ‘While this sequence was probably inserted to appeal to the male audience of a sexploitation picture, it is much more than unfulfilled sexual fantasy or shocking stock footage.’
    • ‘They therefore stand accused of condoning criminal activities and harsh sexploitation that are part of the programme.’
    • ‘Classic sexploitation and modern DV softcore features are really two different beasts entirely, and I doubt there is much crossover between fans of either, which makes this pairing of films more than a little unsatisfying.’
    • ‘And if that doesn't make you happy, there's always Sabrina's story of organizing young women dancers to go on strike against an MTV sexploitation video.’
    • ‘He is credited with creating a sub-genre of the 1960s sexploitation flick called the ‘nudie-kinkie’, a series of films which pretty much do what they say on the can.’
    • ‘In most cases, commenting on the cinematography in a sexploitation film has about the same critical relevancy as pointing out continuity errors in a hardcore porn.’
    • ‘Working opposite sides of the sexploitation street, the two men elevated the genre from the grind house to the art house and the drive-in.’
    • ‘The cultured looked down their noses at the five elements you mention, yet their secret guilty pleasure was sneaking off to buy a girlie mag or see a sexploitation film.’
    • ‘But since this is the final film in a seedy sexploitation shocker trilogy, you know it has to end badly for our insane slayer.’
    • ‘Constant commercial intrusions - often laced with sexploitation - seem normal and acceptable because they're so routine in a wide array of media outlets.’
    • ‘Most intriguing was the company's bizarre melding of feminist politics, anticapitalist rhetoric, and parody with quasi-softcore sexploitation.’
    • ‘We are treated to a series of tantalizing trailers, with ads for Teenage Sex Kitten and The Dicktator as real standouts, and a gallery of sexploitation ad art.’
    • ‘Similarly, European erotica first entered American screens as sliced and dubbed sexploitation pictures for the one-handed cinema set, before they entered the art houses of New York and LA.’
    • ‘If you are going to focus on breasts and buns, either in the context of humor, erotic art, or plain old sexploitation, then do it.’
    • ‘Next time you're in the theater, look around you at all the somnolent hoi polloi stuffing their faces with popcorn and their psyches with trashy sexploitation.’
    • ‘This was a time when sociology was the subject to study, male lecturers could bed their female students with impunity, and British cinemas regularly screened sexploitation films.’
    • ‘French pop was reduced - and deservedly in most cases - to a freak show of smutty sexploitation and deluded Elvis impersonators.’
    • ‘This is godawful even by the low low standards of '60s sexploitation.’


1920s blend of sex and exploitation.