Meaning of sextuple in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛkstjʊp(ə)l/ /sɛksˈtjuːp(ə)l/


  • 1Consisting of six parts or things.

    ‘But the legendary creations disappeared in July, when Rosa, a married, 60-year-old father of two, underwent sextuple heart bypass surgery.’
    1. 1.1Six times as much or as many.
      • ‘But a 10-foot birdie putt on the 376-yard 15th put Goosen back in sole possession of top spot and he then safely negotiated a final hole which an hour earlier had seen Swede Peter Hedblom put three balls in the water for a sextuple bogey 11.’
      • ‘Though Live's still going strong (after this mini-tour, they're going back into the studio to record the follow-up to their latest disc, V, working title VI), they're a bit back from sextuple platinum.’
      • ‘It's tougher to find quadruple, quintuple, and sextuple homophones.’
      • ‘The in-form Spaniard blew his chances by racking up a sextuple bogey at the par-three 11th.’


  • A sixfold number or amount.


[with object]
  • Multiply by six; increase sixfold.

    • ‘Doctors have long known that family history predicts the condition, but a recent study found having a mother with the disease at age 55 or younger sextupled the risk in offspring.’
    • ‘He has also, according to the political parties, nearly sextupled the allowance the royal palace gets from the state.’
    • ‘Her voice, tripled or sextupled in harmony, was the vocal version of his slide-guitar style.’
    • ‘That record of course would be more than sextupled as the years went by.’
    • ‘UK usage has more than sextupled between March and June.’


Early 17th century from medieval Latin sextuplus, formed irregularly from Latin sex ‘six’, on the pattern of late Latin quintuplus ‘quintuple’.



/ˈsɛkstjʊp(ə)l/ /sɛksˈtjuːp(ə)l/