Meaning of sexual selection in English:

sexual selection


mass nounBiology
  • Natural selection arising through preference by one sex for certain characteristics in individuals of the other sex.

    ‘long tails in male birds of the species probably evolved through sexual selection’
    • ‘A large portion of the first volume was devoted to the working of natural and sexual selection as an explanation of the origin of human beings by natural means.’
    • ‘In fact, Darwin himself postulated that facial hair may have evolved through sexual selection.’
    • ‘Moreover, he developed a theory of sexual selection in evolution… in which the chief force is the competition among males to be more appealing to discriminating females.’
    • ‘Nepotistic exchange is regulated by evolutionary mechanisms such as kin selection and sexual selection, while mercantile exchange is purely human.’
    • ‘We shall hereafter see that many animals exist, of which neither sex is brilliantly coloured or provided with special ornaments, and yet the members of both sexes or of one alone have probably been modified through sexual selection.’