Meaning of shadchan in English:


nounplural noun shadchan/ˈʃadxɛn/ , plural noun shadchanim/ˈʃadxənɪm/ , plural noun shadchans

(also shadkhan)
  • A Jewish professional matchmaker or marriage broker.

    ‘By the 15th century, scholars as great as Maharal earned their livelihoods as professional shadchanim.’
    • ‘When young Orthodox men and women reach a marriageable age, and receive a recommendation from a shadchan, or matchmaker, about a potential mate, they make a very important phone call.’
    • ‘He kept telling shadchanim he was a yeshiva graduate.’
    • ‘From the stories told by Cherie's close friends, mother, sister, and shadchan, I realized that her road towards matrimony had been pockmarked by sudden detours, geographic dislocations, and emotional turbulence.’
    • ‘Joanne, an effervescent 42-year-old mother of seven, is a shadchan, one of the matchmakers who devote hours each day to arranging matrimonial blind dates, or shidduchs.’



/ˈʃadxən/ /ˈʃɒdxən/


From Yiddish shadkhn, based on Hebrew šiddēḵ ‘negotiate’.