Meaning of shadeless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃeɪdləs/


See shade

‘Surprisingly, no one had suggested driving in a car without air-conditioning, in the middle of the day, preferably on a shadeless road where you might get stuck waiting for a train to go by.’
  • ‘Thrill to the sight of a solitary elephant chained to a fake tree on a shadeless island and try to dismiss the fact that elephants in the wild live in groups and are constantly on the move.’
  • ‘The way-side is becoming shadeless and another generation will behold spots, now rife with beauty, desecrated by what is called improvement.’
  • ‘The shadeless yard - of mud or dust, depending on the season - was fenced by chicken wire and a rickety gate, and served as an extension of the kitchen.’
  • ‘As it turned out, the day had produced plenty of feelings, which we were eager to share that afternoon on the shadeless, baking sand of a beach known as Santo Domingo.’