Meaning of shader in English:



See shade

‘Both cores are essentially the same, featuring four fragment pipelines and two vertex shaders - the only difference between the two different product lines is basically the clock speed they operate at.’
  • ‘In practice, this has meant that games writers have seen pixel shaders as an extra set of features, which don't necessarily get as much time on the schedule as core graphics programming.’
  • ‘That, the company claims, will be far more value to developers than version three shaders, which provide no visual enhancements over version two and so far only promise a performance gain over their predecessors.’
  • ‘Realistic shaders and materials add lifelike qualities to designs, and environment maps provide realistic reflections without leaving the design mode.’
  • ‘It may be PC gamers playing technology catch-up while the consolers now enjoy the bulk of new games featuring the latest shaders, physics and light engines.’