Meaning of shadow banking in English:

shadow banking


mass noun
  • Lending and other financial activities conducted by unregulated institutions or under unregulated conditions.

    ‘regulators will tell politicians how they plan to reform shadow banking’
    as modifier ‘liquidity has been deliberately dried up to rein in the shadow banking system’
    • ‘The report provides a deep view into the interface between the official and shadow banking sectors.’
    • ‘Banks may be lending but the larger shadow banking system is not.’
    • ‘The shadow banking system took over more and more of the banking business, because the unregulated players in this system seemed to offer better deals than conventional banks.’
    • ‘Financial activities would simply migrate out of regulated institutions to shadow banking or overseas.’
    • ‘Bringing back confidence, ending irresponsible practices, and bringing shadow banking practices in to the real markets are priorities.’
    • ‘The property bubble stops bubbling and when it does, both the property market and the shadow banking system go bust.’
    • ‘He is alert to the role of European banks in the "shadow banking" sector in the US.’
    • ‘The allure of shadow banking over the last decade or so is unambiguous.’
    • ‘There are specific, geographically linked networks of entrepreneurs who have become specialized in this unofficial shadow-banking sector.’
    • ‘The ongoing global financial crisis has its beginnings in the "non-traditional" activities of the banks that have ventured into the world of shadow banking and off-balance sheet transactions.’