Meaning of shadowless in English:



See shadow

‘The silent eternity of a shadowless corner house, the view of a deserted street - you can't get enough of the virtuosity of these momentary recordings, the play with colour, light and contrast.’
  • ‘You won't have a shadowless future, you can be assured.’
  • ‘Seemingly, the last popular adaptation to the shadowless lamp was the so-called Isis lamp, which presumably drew its name from the Egyptian goddess who, among many attributes, was the maker of the sunrise and giver of heavenly light.’
  • ‘But on certain iron-gray, lackluster Buffalo days with their diffuse and shadowless light you might be moved to take these symbols to heart.’
  • ‘Light in Tuscany in summer is strong and colour appears bleached and shadowless giving a translucent effect to pale colours like white.’