Meaning of shaft bullock in English:

shaft bullock


historical Australian, New Zealand
  • A bullock used to pull a cart.

    ‘over went the cart, carrying the shaft bullock with it’
    • ‘I cannot afford to lose my shaft bullock.’
    • ‘On the going and returning of the carts, the shaft-bullock is frequently obliged to swim.’
    • ‘A harness is absolutely necessary for the shaft bullock.’
    • ‘The driver was flicking his short whip over the shaft bullock's hindquarters.’
    • ‘The heads of the shaft bullocks were often drawn under water by the weight of the wagon.’
    • ‘He had been advised to relieve the shaft-bullocks when they became exhausted.’
    • ‘On reaching the river we had nearly lost one of our shaft bullocks.’
    • ‘There were eighteen drays with shaft bullocks and eight teams yoked to harrows.’


Early 19th century from shaft in the sense ‘pole that a draught animal is harnessed to’.