Meaning of shagger's back in English:

shagger's back

Pronunciation /ˌʃaɡəz ˈbak/


mass noun informal Australian
  • Pain in the back (humorously attributed to overindulgence in sex)

    • ‘he arrived with shagger's back, as he announced to the young, mainly female staff’
    • ‘People no longer brag about their shagger's back.’
    • ‘What you've really got is a case of shagger's back!’
    • ‘A number of people had facetiously described Keith's muscular problems as shagger's back.’
    • ‘Why, you're an obvious case of shagger's back. There must be funny business going on.’
    • ‘"Right. Shagger's back, is it, mate?" Dr Bentley's clinic wasn't like the others.’
    • ‘He will be returning this week, after missing last week with his chronic shagger's back causing him to spasm.’
    • ‘His shagger's back has caught up with him again!’
    • ‘I have shagger's back and a satisfied wife.’
    • ‘I had a patient tell me she was presenting to the ER to see us due to "shagger's back".’
    • ‘I have a chronic back problem, though sadly not shagger's back.’