Meaning of shaggily in English:



See shaggy

‘He had brown hair, curling shaggily around a sharp, high-cheekbone-lined, intelligent face, sparkling but melting brown eyes, and a body that shouldn't have been allowed to go around in shorts and muscle tees.’
  • ‘The teddy bear that lives on in memory as being rich, dark brown, and shaggily massive turns out, when rescued from the attic decades later, to be anemic and disappointingly scrawny.’
  • ‘The first time she saw me I was a long-haired, post-hippie, shaggily dressed, 27-year-old cave dweller.’
  • ‘Nothing is self-consciously fractured or haphazard; the songs hang shaggily on rigid compositional armature.’
  • ‘His hair whispered shaggily around his face, and he sighed very softly.’