Meaning of shagpile in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃaɡpʌɪl/


(also shagpile carpet)
mass noun
  • Carpet with a long, rough pile.

    ‘It was too posh - gold chandeliers, shagpile carpet, the room as big as the ground floor of my house.’
    • ‘Two $1,000 cheques fluttered on to my shagpile when I opened one of my three Christmas cards just before the festivities kicked off.’
    • ‘We walk upstairs on a moth-eaten cream shagpile.’
    • ‘And the ugly shagpile I encountered at The Maxwell has hardly done anything to change that.’
    • ‘Since it's covered in thick brown nylon shagpile carpet, Clocky might never be found.’
    • ‘When I was a kid, rich people had bars in their houses usually attached to a lounge, resplendent with shagpile carpet and a massive exposed rock fireplace.’
    • ‘Kick off your shoes, tread lightly across the shagpile, snap open a Babycham, ease back in your Parker Knoll recliner and smooch your way through this little lot like the silky smooth operator you know you can be.’
    • ‘All those termites play havoc with the shagpile.’
    • ‘The massive heart attack he suffered caused The King to fall face first from his toilet on to the shagpile carpet below with his pants around his ankles.’
    • ‘There is a white shagpile rug on the wooden floor, with white sofas facing towards a flash sound system and widescreen TV.’
    • ‘My wages have to go towards rent and other essentials, but no, after last week I should have run out and bought some shagpile carpets, funky ashtrays and pants with tigers printed on them.’
    • ‘The cleaner can be used on all coverings, from shagpile carpets to wooden floorboards and ceramic tiles, and is fitted with a soft tread on the castors and wheels to protect even the most sensitive floor coverings.’