Main meanings of shaka in English

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Pronunciation /ˈʃɑːkə/


(also shaka sign)
informal US
  • A hand gesture in which the thumb and little finger are extended outwards from a closed fist, used when greeting or parting from someone or to express approval, solidarity, etc.

    • ‘he left with a grin and a shaka sign’
    • ‘he didn't know who the guy was, but still gave a shaka and said ‘nice voice’’


informal US
  • Used to express approval, solidarity, etc., often when greeting or parting from someone.

    • ‘‘Shaka, brah.’ He high-fived Lopaka, then broke into laughter’


1970s (originally in Hawaiian English): origin uncertain; perhaps from Japanese shaka, a name for the Buddha (though if this is the case, the relationship with the gesture is unclear).

Main meanings of Shaka in English

: shaka1Shaka2


Pronunciation /ˈʃɑːkə/

proper noun

(also Chaka)
  • (c.1787–1828), Zulu chief 1816–28. He reorganized his forces and waged war against many Nguni clans, subjugating them and forming a Zulu empire in south-eastern Africa.