Meaning of shake hands in English:

shake hands


(also shake someone by the hand)
  • Clasp someone's right hand in one's own at meeting or parting, in reconciliation or congratulation, or as a sign of agreement.

    ‘he shook hands with my father and left’
    • ‘we shook hands on the promise’
    • ‘I'm honoured to shake your hand’
    • ‘He shook Matt 's hand and then clasped Sarah's hand for a moment.’
    • ‘Dom laughed and shook Ash 's hand in agreement to the bet.’
    • ‘Ken Ferrari looked towards me, shaking my hand in congratulations.’
    • ‘But at a recent game, one of the newest players, Darius Miles, came over to shake the owner 's hand, a sign of respect and appreciation that seems to matter to Allen.’
    • ‘The first time I met Kevin, he shook my hand when I arrived and again when I left, and remembered me from the previous week when I couldn't have picked him out of a lineup.’
    • ‘‘I shook his hand and congratulated him even though it was through gritted teeth,’ he laughed.’
    • ‘I just waited my turn and shook his hand and congratulated him on the show.’
    • ‘I think he did a hell of a job; and I was the first one to congratulate him and shake his hand when he gave that argument.’
    • ‘I and many of the students were delighted to shake his hand and congratulate him.’
    • ‘People came up and shook my hand, congratulating me, and welcoming me.’