Meaning of shake on in English:

shake on

phrasal verb

  • shake on somethingConfirm an agreement by shaking hands.

    • ‘they shook on the deal’
    • ‘The two shook on an agreement long ago where Durst pays Biddle a small base salary, plus extras for other tasks.’
    • ‘Abbas and Sharon shake on the latest peace agreement.’
    • ‘Blaise took his hand as they shook on the agreement.’
    • ‘The room was silent as Lee and I shook on the agreement, than it suddenly came to life as the guys blurted out in a cheer.’
    • ‘Cowen is also well-regarded, perceived as a straight-talker and one who will stick to an agreement once he shakes on it.’
    • ‘When leaving Nottingham Forrest, he supposedly agreed to join Blackburn, shook on the deal and then switched to Manchester United and automatically fell out with the Scotsman.’
    • ‘He remembers Ferguson staring up at him as they shook on the deal.’
    • ‘Rumours abound that the Kiwi might be persuaded to stay on in Scotland, but once a man of his integrity shakes on a deal it is hard to imagine him backing out.’
    • ‘This guards against bully-boy tactics such as where a more senior party from the other side arrives to rubbish the deal just as their subordinate is poised to shake on it.’
    • ‘He held out his hand, palm up as if offering to shake on a deal.’