Meaning of shake one's fist in English:

shake one's fist


  • Gesture angrily with one's clenched fist.

    ‘‘Stupid fool!’ he shouted, shaking his fist’
    • ‘People came out of the polling station, grinning, shaking their fists in victory.’
    • ‘I'm sure boys who get sentences come out shaking their fists.’
    • ‘To keep things fun your votes will be published for all to shake their fist at.’
    • ‘At times Bifo seems a cranky old curmudgeon madly shaking his fist at the present.’
    • ‘Music theft, downloading, I am shaking my fists to glib jokes.’
    • ‘With his simple beckoning, the crowd automatically shakes their fists up in the air.’
    • ‘Suddenly Alan was up, shaking his fists at nothing.’
    • ‘In effect, he was shaking his fist at Almighty God.’
    • ‘At the same time, he took every opportunity to shake his fist at the Creator God of the universe.’
    • ‘I thought, shaking my fist at the sky.’