Meaning of shake one's head in English:

shake one's head


  • Turn one's head from side to side in order to indicate refusal, denial, disapproval, or incredulity.

    ‘she shook her head in disbelief’
    • ‘When she laid her hand on her grey suedes, she could see him shaking his head in disapproval.’
    • ‘Now, I have to go think of new ways to make my relatives shake their head in disapproval at me.’
    • ‘He offered me another sandwich, but I shook my head and indicated I was full.’
    • ‘He shook his head and indicated that I should follow him into the living room.’
    • ‘Ben stared up at the turquoise sky blankly, then, slowly, he shook his head from side to side.’
    • ‘Then he sat heavily back on the bench and shook his head from side to side, making known his disgust.’
    • ‘I looked up and smiled, shaking my head, indicating for him not to worry, to just forget it.’
    • ‘Inside, she felt like shaking her head in disapproval but she knew not to in a time like this.’
    • ‘Looking straight at Josh, George shakes his head from side to side while holding an index finger up to his lips.’
    • ‘Staring at him, Rena shakes her head in disapproval and sets her fork down.’