Meaning of shake out in English:

shake out

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phrasal verb

  • 1shake something out, shake out somethingEmpty something out by shaking a container.

    • ‘he shook out a handful of painkillers’
  • 2shake something out, shake out somethingSpread or open something folded or crumpled by shaking it.

    ‘he shook out the newspaper’
    • ‘she undid her helmet and shook out her frizzled hair’
    1. 2.1Sailing Unwind or untie a reef to increase the area of a sail.
      ‘I shook out the reef and was soon beating upwind under full sail’
      • ‘Indeed, given his own preferences, Holderman thought he might actually have reduced sail, or at least left the night's reefs in rather than shaking them out, if only to give himself a little more time to avoid any ice his lookouts spotted.’
  • 3shake something out, shake out somethingGet rid of or abandon an attitude or practice.

    • ‘we are going to shake out the old attitudes’
  • 4North American Eventually happen.

    • ‘we'll see what shakes out’