Meaning of shako in English:


nounplural noun shakos

  • A cylindrical or conical military hat with a peak and a plume or pom-pom.

    ‘Because of the prestige of the light horse, items of hussar dress were adopted in emulation by other armies - the infantry shako, standard military headgear of all nations in the nineteenth century, being the prime example.’
    • ‘Jägers wore grey-green rather than field-grey uniforms, and a flat-topped shako rather than a spiked helmet.’
    • ‘Before games, she had to make sure all the shakos had plumes, help set up or load equipment, and run any other errands, and during the games, she ran flags for me and the other guard members.’
    • ‘He was a droll sight, with a battered shako and trousers made of old gunny sacks tied up with twine.’
    • ‘The man wore a greatcoat that was wet with rain and a dishevelled shako adorned his head.’



/ˈʃeɪkəʊ/ /ˈʃakəʊ/


Early 19th century via French from Hungarian csákó (süveg) ‘peaked (cap)’, from csák ‘peak’, from German Zacken ‘spike’.