Meaning of shaly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃeɪli/

adjectiveadjective shalier, adjective shaliest

(also shaley)

See shale

‘The Liassic in Mochras consists predominantly of alternating shaly limestones, marly siltstones, and micaceous mudstones.’
  • ‘The Green Point Formation is the more distal and is dominated by shale and shaley lime mudstones.’
  • ‘An organic-rich shaly horizon of this age can be traced into continental Europe and possibly into North and South America; the stratigraphy suggests regional transgression and deepening.’
  • ‘The limestones are intercalated with thin shaly interlayers.’
  • ‘As a result of the shaly or micritic nature of these formations the decompaction estimates are likely to be minimum estimates, suggesting that subsidence could in fact be considerably greater.’