Meaning of shamal in English:


Pronunciation /ʃəˈmɑːl/


  • A hot, dry north-westerly wind blowing across the Persian Gulf in summer, typically causing sandstorms.

    ‘In the midwinter and early summer, the shamal - a north wind carrying sand and dust - blows fiercely.’
    • ‘A shamal had formed in the Tigris-Euphrates river valley in southern Iraq and was moving south.’
    • ‘My scenario wasn't sorcery, but the work of weather tables (avoid the shamals), as well as a logistics estimate on the time required to field an overwhelming U.S. combat force.’
    • ‘A shamal had been developing throughout the night.’
    • ‘Paul's battalion lost five soldiers, the first four in a blinding sandstorm known as the 40-day shamal, or 40 days of wind.’


Late 17th century from Arabic šamāl ‘north (wind)’.