Meaning of shamanic in English:


Pronunciation /ʃəˈmanɪk/


  • Relating to the beliefs and practices associated with a shaman.

    ‘shamanic rituals’
    • ‘shamanic healers’
    • ‘I had to change my world view to actively learn shamanic techniques from Nepal.’
    • ‘His years in the morgue parallel a descent into the shamanic underworld.’
    • ‘His journey, basically the apprenticeship stage of the shamanic pattern, becomes a discovering, testing, learning process.’
    • ‘In early shamanic societies the artist/healer/priest/shaman was the creative source of culture.’
    • ‘Theirs is one of the few remaining living shamanic cultures.’
    • ‘The healing touch attributed to European kings does not make those kings very shamanic.’
    • ‘Our data demonstrated a fundamental shamanic principle—that is, that intent is crucial to the outcome of the practice.’
    • ‘Before his departure, he will present a film he made in October 2003, during his last shamanic adventure.’
    • ‘The meditation was conducted while listening to a CD of shamanic double drumming.’
    • ‘The shamanic practitioner was interviewed on a TV programme about comparative religion.’