Meaning of shamateur in English:



  • A sports player who makes money from sporting activities though classified as amateur.

    • ‘Maurie Plant, ‘Andy's bag man’ in the ‘shamateur’ days of athletics, is the BBC's trackside ‘athletes' liaison ’, despite being banned in Australia after attempting to subvert a drug test at a Norman-organised event.’
    • ‘But don't tell Fly the shamateurs're innocent.’
    • ‘He's way better than all the other half-baked shamateurs who crop up in the canvas chairs during Davis Cup ties, but he's not going to win a major and it's not his fault.’
    • ‘Yet that merely led to a glut of riders snidely referred to as ‘shamateurs’.’
    • ‘It's a valuable business, and commercial fishers say the $2.4 billion legal fishing trade in Australia is becoming increasingly attractive to so-called ‘shamateurs‘.’



/ˈʃamətə/ /ˈʃamətjʊə/


Late 19th century blend of sham and amateur.