Meaning of shame culture in English:

shame culture


  • A culture in which conformity of behaviour is maintained through the individual's fear of being shamed.

    Compare with guilt culture

    ‘a shame culture, such as existed in Homeric times, puts high emphasis on preserving honour and on not being publicly disgraced’
    • ‘I'm wondering whether the ‘hot-blooded’ tag can be aligned with a shame culture.’
    • ‘He hangs this lazy column on the spirit of the season, but the spirit of this column is entirely that of the liberal shame culture.’
    • ‘It is natural to suppose that Aristotle also subscribed to it, and it is significant that anthropologists have suggested that most human societies can be classified either as guilt cultures or as shame cultures.’
    • ‘Immersed in the striking honor / shame cultures of Antiquity, Paul regularly made use of clothing topoi to make pronouncements of a moral, social and religious kind.’