Meaning of shame on you in English:

shame on you


  • Used to reprove someone for something of which they should be ashamed.

    ‘ shame on you for cheating’
    • ‘A member of the International Socialists interrupted him, calling out, ‘shame on you for calling us on thinking, shame on you, this is supposed to be a university.’’
    • ‘But shame on you for saying she is from Brentwood, La.’
    • ‘And lest you doubt their authenticity - shame on you - two of the members have studied Bulgarian folklore in the academic setting.’
    • ‘And for those who are leery of Canadian films and consider the phrase ‘good Canadian film’ an oxymoron, just shame on you.’
    • ‘I'd say shame on you, but I suppose you would think that quaint, too.’
    • ‘To the man who canceled his cruise, shame on you - you worked for it, go and enjoy.’
    • ‘I'm not naming any names, but you know who you are, Jamie, and shame on you.’
    • ‘It was an amazing show, and to all the people that missed it, shame on you.’
    • ‘One, shame on you for missing their Toronto dates, and two, the band sympathizes with you.’
    • ‘‘Fool me once, shame on you,’ he starts the old adage, and then panic crosses his face.’