Meaning of shamelessly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃeɪmləsli/

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  • In a blatant or brazen manner; without shame.

    ‘they shamelessly plug their upcoming film’
    • ‘she flirts shamelessly with the crowd’
    • ‘Its last New York appearance included a show shamelessly calculated to sell tickets to the aesthetically challenged.’
    • ‘None of this stopped her toying shamelessly with his passion for her.’
    • ‘There's already more than one shamelessly indiscreet biography.’
    • ‘The mixture is heavily spiced with circus stunts that shamelessly include flying.’
    • ‘Watching from a portable TV at the wedding she's attending, she is horrified to see this shamelessly sexual display.’
    • ‘Professional protocols do not allow dentists to 'shamelessly' advertise their practice.’
    • ‘I began to notice how shamelessly melodramatic this film really is.’
    • ‘This movie is guilty of shamelessly unfunny comedy.’
    • ‘McDowell as the token Brit baddy is shamelessly underused.’
    • ‘The festival director shamelessly embellishes every description he writes.’