Meaning of shape-shifter in English:



  • (chiefly in science fiction or mythology) a person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.

    • ‘What is more, Spider-Man's enemies and locations will reflect the local customs and mythologies, beginning with Rakshasa, a mythical shape-shifter who will replace the Green Goblin.’
    • ‘The dreamer or dream-ego is an inveterate shape-shifter.’
    • ‘Vampires are shape-shifters like were-wolves.’
    • ‘But I thought that only demons and shape-shifters could do that.’
    • ‘We have stories of Japanese vampires, of shape-shifters who live on spirit more than blood, of the lost and the arrogant and the brutal and the alien.’
    • ‘Most cultures had legends of vampires or shape-shifters who preyed on the living.’
    • ‘Chinese myths are stuffed with shape-shifters, dragons and half-human creatures.’
    • ‘The segregation rules were waved and vampires, humans, half-breeds, shape-shifters and all other supernatural denominations were allowed to live up there together.’
    • ‘A puca is an Irish shape-shifter or else it is a ghost.’
    • ‘The club was visited by the occasional shape-shifter, werewolf, or good vampire.’
    • ‘I am Millennia, the shape-shifter and the seer.’
    • ‘Sam seems to have been an exquisite survivor, a charming shape-shifter, a talented and highly successful magician, acrobat and showman.’
    • ‘Folklore gets its due in intriguing descriptions of the Navajo Indians’ ‘coyote people,’ and even Dracula makes a guest appearance as one of the most popular shape-shifters ever.’
    • ‘We are shape-shifters or children of the moon.’
    • ‘The virtues of tomorrow, unlike the virtues of yore, will be inspiring shape-shifters whose purpose, in addition to saving us, will be to baffle the certainties and absolutisms of ideologues everywhere.’
    • ‘The full moon still changed them though, and it wasn't long before the humans had chased even the human-looking shape-shifters out of their towns.’
    • ‘Proteins are notorious shape-shifters, curling and uncurling like serpents as they go about their work in and around living cells.’
    • ‘Your father was a magician, though I can't be sure how powerful unless I see your spells working, and your mother is a shape-shifter.’
    • ‘Well, you see… I'm a shape-shifter, and I looked like someone else when you saw me.’
    • ‘Since Jupiter desires the wife, Mercury advises the senior shape-shifter to assume the husband's form after having a nation declare war on Thebes to draw the commander away from home.’