Meaning of shaped in English:


Pronunciation /ʃeɪpt/

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  • Having a defined external form or outline.

    ‘an enclosed back garden with a shaped lawn’
    • ‘her oval-shaped face’
    • ‘The wing pads are posterior to the saddle-shaped structure just behind the head.’
    • ‘What he achieves is sensuously shaped architecture in response to its environmental demands.’
    • ‘The light-yellow, spindle-shaped spots on the leaves are characteristic of this soil-borne virus.’
    • ‘The navy constructed this rectangular-shaped lake several decades ago to test its early torpedoes.’
    • ‘The bow is wedge-shaped, tapered to the front and also from top to bottom.’
    • ‘Your hair is styled into a fancy ginkgo-leaf-shaped topknot.’
    • ‘A Y-shaped tube is present with cars that have a double exhaust manifold.’
    • ‘Those famous banana-shaped rear lights have gone.’
    • ‘The internal oven configuration took the form of an old-fashioned conical-shaped beehive.’
    • ‘The star-shaped fortress is situated on an important promontory in the harbour.’