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sharing economy

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  • An economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either free or for a fee, typically by means of the internet.

    ‘thanks to the sharing economy you can easily rent out your car, your apartment, your bike, even your wifi network when you don't need it’
    • ‘You seem to miss that the cornerstone of a sharing economy is capitalism, not socialism.’
    • ‘The sharing economy is already worth billions of dollars, but its direct beneficiaries aren't mainstream entertainment companies.’
    • ‘The "sharing economy" is built on a supply-and-demand equation wholly alien to traditional media companies.’
    • ‘The sharing economy has brought us new business models.’
    • ‘He called the practice of offering parking spots to the highest bidder "extortion masquerading as the sharing economy," according to City News Service.’
    • ‘They make an important point about the lightly regulated sharing economy: The consumers who participate deserve a very clear picture of the risks they're taking.’
    • ‘The sharing economy needs regulation, and insurance companies will step in.’
    • ‘Eventually, it turned into a lot of thinking about the sharing economy and how property is sitting underutilized a majority of the the time.’
    • ‘Tech platforms are key to the sharing economy because they let people reach out and share with anyone.’
    • ‘The sharing economy has opened up a world of possibilities for anyone open to anything - share your house, share your ride and even share your leftovers.’