Meaning of sharp-featured in English:



  • (of a person) having well-defined facial features.

    ‘she was expensively dressed, sharp-featured, and bad-tempered’
    • ‘Judy, a sharp-featured woman, tends the counter.’
    • ‘I'm facing a sharp-featured boy with a blond Mohawk.’
    • ‘A visor lifted to reveal a sharp-featured face.’
    • ‘That sharp-featured but charming face failed to conceal his idiocy, but apparently the looks and rumors of heroism was enough for the equally idiotic public.’
    • ‘A charmless woman with hacked-off hair hanging forgotten around a sharp-featured face takes custody of the carrying cases.’
    • ‘He resembles a small hawk or falcon who has just been unhooded: rapt, sharp-featured, luminously alive to the moment.’
    • ‘As Michael pushed the door open, he found himself standing before a stylish, sharp-featured young woman of about his own age.’
    • ‘‘There you are,’ Yelena said to me, a faint frown on her sharp-featured face.’
    • ‘Some thin, sharp-featured examples from notably chilly districts taste not merely herbaceous, but downright vegetative.’
    • ‘A growl rose in his throat as his blood-matted hair swung around his sharp-featured face.’