Meaning of sharp-sighted in English:



  • Quick to notice things; perceptive.

    ‘the lynx was said to be the most sharp-sighted of animals’
    • ‘a sharp-sighted observer of world politics’
    • ‘Like other sharp-sighted animals, the eye sockets are protected by a bony ring.’
    • ‘When they browse they move upwind, carefully sniffing the air for danger, their sharp-sighted eyes constantly on the alert.’
    • ‘He often trembled lest some future explorer of manuscripts might be found as sharp-sighted as himself.’
    • ‘This same pessimism consumed all sharp-sighted Austrians.’
    • ‘It is surprising that so sharp-sighted a historian of architecture would neglect to mention the role of screens as monumental platforms.’
    • ‘Sharp-sighted viewers alone will note the warning signs of owls or demons and realize that the most visible figures of the foreground are all deceivers.’
    • ‘He that was sharp-sighted enough to see the configuration of the minute particles of the spring of a clock, and observe on what its elasticity depends, would discover something very admirable.’
    • ‘I would advise no person to travel with a valuable horse without a sharp-sighted servant.’
    • ‘This remarkable transformation did not escape the attention of sharp-sighted Juno, who sent her still more watchful servant, Argus of the hundred eyes, to guard Io.’
    • ‘Great whites are also sharp sighted, further evidence that they do not mistake humans for other prey.’
    observant, perceptive, sharp-sighted, eagle-eyed, with eyes like a hawk, hawk-eyed, keen-eyed, lynx-eyed, gimlet-eyed