Meaning of sharply in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɑːpli/

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  • 1With a sharp or steeply tapering edge or point.

    ‘a sharply pointed tail’
    • ‘sharply toothed jaws’
    • ‘sharply angular buildings’
    • ‘They are oriented either to the cathedral and the sharply angled, gorgeously finished campanile or to the plaza with olive trees and other symbolic plants.’
    • ‘The massive, fortified churches in Estonia are characteristic of the Roman style, in spite of their sharply arched portals and arches.’
    • ‘Cedar cladding and roofing echo the wooded surroundings, while sharply pitched gables keep the home's scale from overwhelming the hilltop.’
    • ‘The sculptural solidity of the forms and the sharply creased and complex drapery folds are characteristic of the youthful Bronzino.’
    • ‘They share specific features, such as the sharply pointed fronds and the sinuous stalks of flowers growing out of the volutes.’
    • ‘It is a sharply bent elbow or a protruding knee that becomes a kind of fulcrum and guide for radiating and zigzagging patterns of wrinkles and folds in the draperies.’
    • ‘He created a snazzy facade of silver squares with rounded corners that create sharply pointed stars at their junctures.’
    • ‘He had assisted the artist with that piece by making the laminated-wood 'bacon' pieces and a sharply pointed dowel stuck into the body of the sandwich.’
    • ‘Each of these pieces is a plate-thin, gracefully curving slab of porcelain with sharply beveled edges, resting horizontally on a squat wooden support.’
    • ‘Its sharply chiseled face conveys only minimal anatomical detail.’
  • 2With a sudden, piercing physical sensation or effect; intensely.

    ‘my mouth stings sharply’
    • ‘champagne can be sharply acidic’
    • ‘This chilli pepper is very small and bites sharply.’
    • ‘These tomatillos are small, sharply flavoured fruits.’
    • ‘The Central Coast Sauvignon Blancs smack sharply of the herbaceous or grassy flavours for which the Sauvignon is so widely noted.’
    • ‘A magenta pile of sharply marinated red cabbage anchors the plate, along with a milder chopped romaine salad.’
    • ‘From a faint warmth through a decided warmth it passes to a definite heat, first pleasant, then dully painful, then sharply painful.’
    • ‘Quince, a lumpy, pale-yellow fruit related to the apple, has a tart, sharply astringent taste straight off the tree.’
    • ‘They did penance by lashing themselves with sharply stinging nettles.’
    • ‘My foot hurt sharply when I stepped down off the train.’
    • ‘The alcohol on the blade makes it burn sharply, but no expression crosses my face, and I make no sound of pain.’
    • ‘As promised, it does taste sharply of lime, and the result is a pleasant numbness of the tongue.’
    1. 2.1In a critical or hurtful manner; strongly or harshly.
      ‘the plans have been sharply criticized’
      • ‘he made enemies by his sharply worded attacks on opponents’
      • ‘The trend to emphasize the autonomy of form and dismiss subject matter was sharply criticized by the art historian.’
      • ‘He could be sharply satirical, and occasionally he expressed himself in a totally different vein, as in this hauntingly melancholic marine picture.’
      • ‘Erasmus sharply criticized the theory of 'just war'.’
      • ‘One never knows whether to stand next to one's piece to answer questions, enduring the sharply critical looks or weird questions from the press for the sake of the show.’
      • ‘All eyes are fixed on the empress rather than the emperor, who looks sharply at her.’
      • ‘A businessman with no academic credentials, he has been sharply criticized by curators and scholars for favoring popular entertainment in order to increase attendance.’
      • ‘As she hesitates, trying to grasp what is happening, he sharply barks as if she were an enemy.’
      • ‘He comments sharply on the changes in British society and re-endorses the importance of humanist over materialist values.’
      • ‘The group is hired by the menacing crime lord who speaks sharply and carries a big gun.’
      • ‘Movies about artists are often criticized sharply for lack of insight, and I'm not sure why.’
  • 3In a way that is distinct in outline or detail; clearly.

    ‘the waitress had a sharply defined jaw’
    • ‘sharply delineated images’
    • ‘The brushwork is delicate, each brick sharply defined, the leaves on trees flawlessly rendered, window reflections given an equally discerning treatment.’
    • ‘Unlike the sharply delineated black-and-white images of empty theatres and seascapes for which he is best known, these photographs are intentionally fuzzy.’
    • ‘Nearer petals are thickly troweled yellow dabs that stand out sharply from a thinner lavender ground, where petals and twigs merge as they lose focus.’
    • ‘Optical rhythms and illusions combine with forms sharply delineated by means of tape.’
    • ‘The drawings are so dense with graphite and so sharply outlined against a larger white sheet that they appear to adhere to it like a postage stamp.’
    • ‘His sharply defined images and his metaphysical view of space and time pointed to a pictorial concept that was entirely his own.’
    • ‘There are shots of the garrison, the dry grass and flowers rustling in the wind, and the sharply defined, dilapidated stone walls and statues.’
    • ‘Shadow detail is terrific, except in scenes meant to be shown in silhouette, where contrast is sharply delineated.’
    • ‘Details are sharply defined, with only a hair's breadth of edge enhancement occasionally visible.’
    • ‘Suddenly it comes sharply into focus: it's the moon, craters, and crevices clearly defined.’
  • 4With a sudden and marked change; dramatically.

    ‘housing values have risen sharply’
    • ‘a sharply deteriorating economy’
    • ‘Despite increases in Canada's planted corn area, US corn sales rose sharply to meet feed grain demand.’
    • ‘Co-op members could be charged substantial taxes on the gain in their co-op stock value, which has risen sharply.’
    • ‘By summer, rhetoric shifted sharply in the dealer's favor.’
    • ‘Average profitability among participants in two of the farm management programs rose sharply in 1999.’
    • ‘Seed sale averages climbed sharply, up 23 per cent.’
    • ‘The bumper crop sharply surpassed the 280,000 tons the industry annually sells.’
    • ‘Sharply declining tobacco marketing quotas raise questions about the sustainability of that program.’
    • ‘The evaluation of photography, in both aesthetic and market terms, rose sharply in the 1960s.’
    • ‘Preconditioning programs are not new, but interest in them has increased sharply during recent years.’
    • ‘Organic corn and soybean prices were up sharply this year.’
    1. 4.1With a sudden change of direction.
      ‘his car swerved sharply to the left’
      • ‘each roof has ends that curve sharply upward’
      • ‘One facade angles back sharply from the corner, where an open structural frame denotes the entrance.’
      • ‘Take the gesture, as in these statues, of lifting the hem of a skirt, or pulling it sharply to one side.’
      • ‘Visitors' cars arrive via a narrow road and pass a security checkpoint before swinging sharply into a paved drive.’
      • ‘The film sharply swings back to the real world.’
      • ‘Like the eponymous road that twists and turns dangerously through the Hollywood Hills, the plot veers sharply left and right, doubling back on itself again.’
      • ‘A DVT can be present without signs or symptoms but may cause swelling or pain, particularly when the foot is flexed sharply upward.’
      • ‘West of Moscow, the river, already a broad stream, turns sharply southwards and, widening and deepening as it goes, flows towards the Black Sea.’
      • ‘He had exposed the southern flank the previous afternoon when he had swung his panzers sharply westwards towards the English Channel.’
      • ‘The driver turned sharply left, down a short slope towards an open field.’
      • ‘One of the cars had to veer sharply back behind the tractor while the third car pulled in front of the tractor.’
  • 5With speed of perception, comprehension, or response.

    ‘a sharply observed account’
    • ‘he had to react sharply to repel a shot at his near post’
    • ‘He can take the service to Watford, sharply noting en route such gems as Berkhamsted, where Graham Greene went to school.’
    • ‘The details of these walls are so sharply caught that one is reminded of similar walls in one's life.’
    • ‘The images look very good, the transfer sharply capturing the nuances of light and shade.’
    • ‘We are sharply watching their disturbing moves, which have pushed the situation to the brink of war.’
    • ‘He sharply reacted with utter disappointment and displeasure in his talks with Congress about the national flag.’
    • ‘Watch sharply, for you have to render a decision without any "if's" and "and's" in it.’
    • ‘The seminar leader observes sharply.’
    • ‘Investors have reacted sharply to yesterday's political developments.’
    • ‘Both directors stay sharply and primarily focused on a human subject, in each case a man who appointed himself to be the protector of the animals.’
    • ‘Two experiences sharply remain fixed in my mind, scenes that will forever remind me of how hate can ever so subtly linger.’