Meaning of sharpshooter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɑːpʃuːtə/

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  • A person who is very skilled in shooting.

    ‘Both are expert marksmen, sharpshooters, snipers of great skill and reputation.’
    • ‘You use that advice to tailor the recommendations you make to marksmen, sharpshooters and experts.’
    • ‘Johnny stepped up to the counter where the would-be sharpshooters were signing up for the shooting match.’
    • ‘The shooting guard is a sharpshooter, solid rebounder and the team's best passer.’
    • ‘Can you confirm for us that you will, indeed, have sharpshooters in these hidden watchtowers up in the hills, that you're going to have agents on snowshoes and skis 24 hours a day guarding these venues?’
    • ‘Along with 13,000 officers, secret commando units were at large in Washington, and sharpshooters with state-of-the-art assault weapons were stationed on rooftops along the parade route.’
    • ‘The Americans went nearly three minutes without another field goal while Greek sharpshooters found their range.’
    • ‘Funeral prayers were held amid tight security, with police sharpshooters on rooftops and riot police deployed outside gas stations and banks.’
    • ‘Few could have predicted this re-enactment of the age-old squabble which underpins the dodgy plots of so many Hollywood Westerns would occur in the last 16 of the World Cup, but both teams of sharpshooters have made it through on merit.’
    • ‘‘They were sharpshooters,’ Armstrong said later.’
    • ‘Police sealed off the area as sharpshooters took up position along a wall about 20 metres away, while police commandos in helmets and bulletproof vests surrounded the bus, some occasionally peering in the windows.’
    • ‘There were sharpshooters with guns pointed toward our bus.’
    • ‘‘Nobody has any business down there,’ he said at the headquarters of his division, which also includes rollerblading policemen and sharpshooters.’
    • ‘More than 20 people - including a nurse, who had rushed to the aid of an injured protester - were killed, most of them at the hands of military sharpshooters.’
    • ‘From setting up a wet bar in the parking lot of my grandmother's wake to attending a memorial service where sharpshooters were poised on the roof of the church, I have seen just about everything.’
    • ‘In the months that followed, at least 11 more people were felled by government sharpshooters in the riots before the reform movement reached its present, and unfinished, stage.’
    • ‘Hundreds of officers, including bomb squads and sharpshooters, stood guard outside the court, a short drive from the tourist strip where the bombings happened.’
    • ‘But on the last trip US sharpshooters blew out the vehicle's tires.’
    • ‘The Rifles were the army's first sharpshooters.’
    • ‘Four Marines have also been implicated in the cold-blooded murder, which is believed to have been contracted out to professional sharpshooters.’