Meaning of shart in English:


Pronunciation /ʃɑːt/


[no object] vulgar slang
  • Expel faeces accidentally when breaking wind.

    • ‘She teased him loudly, joking later that she thinks he sharted with nerves.’
    • ‘She detailed a time that she sharted during what was supposed to be a romantic night out with her new spouse in Hawaii.’
    • ‘I just sharted all down my leg, and I don't know how to hide it from people seeing it at the supermarket.’
    • ‘I went to a buddy's kegger in college and was waiting in a rather large line for the bathroom when I sharted.’
    • ‘Mid-dinner, he sharted, excused himself from his date, took off his pants, and deposited the offending undergarments in the garbage.’
    • ‘My bowels reacted to the red meat, and I looked at him under the moonlight and said those three little words: ‘I just sharted.’’


vulgar slang
  • An instance of accidentally expelling faeces when breaking wind.

    • ‘I've had things happen that my emergency kit in the truck has helped with: the shart, for one thing, so the spare briefs come in handy.’
    • ‘A shart can be a one-time, isolated incident, in which case it is simply a mistake when attempting to pass gas.’
    • ‘I used to wallow in self-pity and humiliation every time one of my infamous sharts was let loose.’
    • ‘I think I have to fart, but I'm scared it might be a shart.’
    • ‘‘Fecal leakage’ doesn't have the implication of controlled but misconstrued bowel movement that a ‘shart’ has.’
    • ‘I had no choice but to move myself away from the manager slightly and let a tiny fart escape; this, however, was no fart, but a dreaded shart.’
    • ‘Today, in the middle of a presentation, I fought a shart, but the shart won.’
    • ‘A shart could happen to anyone, but for most it is a rare occurrence, only happening if they have the flu or diarrhea.’


Early 21st century blend of shit and fart.