Meaning of shaven in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃeɪvn/

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  • Shaved.

    ‘a boy with a shaven head’
    • ‘He had short brown shaven hair, was clean-shaven, of medium but muscular build and was wearing casual clothing.’
    • ‘He gestured vaguely toward her clothes, from the blouse to the socks wrapped around her smooth shaven legs.’
    • ‘Four females entered and Eleanor, to her shock, saw that their heads were shaven bald.’
    • ‘He was shaven bald and was wearing gold pants which seemed to be made of a lion's skin.’
    • ‘His head was shaven bald with a tattoo of what looked like a falcon on the back of his head.’
    • ‘One youth has short blond hair, either shaven or spiky.’
    • ‘I strolled into the control room from the studio, and noticed a large fat bloke with a shaven head, wearing a decrepit old tan mac.’
    • ‘He had black shaven hair and wore a dark plain jumper.’
    • ‘The rules bar anyone with tattoos, dreadlocks, shaven heads, facial jewellery or wearing denim and any men wearing earrings.’
    • ‘Another was of stocky build, with short dark shaven hair.’
    • ‘The other is shorter with a shaven head whose five o'clock cranial shadows tell you precisely where he was balding anyway, and a serious nose.’
    • ‘The audience had the usual haircuts, shaven or spiky, and the same tastes in branded designer gear.’
    • ‘The tallest attacker had a shaven head and a black eye.’
    • ‘The woman said he was stocky, with a large stomach and shaven hair.’
    • ‘Michelle applies it to the freshly shaven area three times a day for 24 hours, with excellent results.’
    • ‘If you take him back to that week in March when his career was resurrected, he'll shake his shaven head and tell you he still pinches himself.’
    • ‘He had short, black hair, a goatee beard and a shaven left eyebrow.’
    • ‘A discussion on why he now has a shaven head is a case in point.’
    • ‘It seems there's a perception that it's a girlie programme, unsuitable for a strapping bloke with a shaven head.’
    • ‘He is of a large build with a round face and short, shaven brown hair.’