Meaning of shawarma in English:


Pronunciation /ʃəˈwɔːmə/


  • (in some Arabic-speaking countries) a doner kebab.

    ‘With few options open to us, we bought from a street vendor roast chicken shaved from a spit and served on pita bread - shawarma.’
    • ‘If they were hungry for something other than the normal dining hall fare, they could enjoy chicken and hot bean sauce, shawarmas (a Middle East sandwich made in a pita), or even ice cream from the concessionaires.’
    • ‘The beef and chicken shawarma are tender morsels of seasoned meat.’
    • ‘How many could afford to go out routinely for Pad Thai, Japanese sushi, Armenian khorovatz, Ethiopian aleecha, Chorizo Argentino, Lebanese hummus and shawarma, or even a nice, simple blueberry bagel?’
    • ‘For one thing, I remember those shawarmas as if it were yesterday.’
    • ‘As well as shawarmas and falafels, it is known for its matabal aubergine dip.’
    • ‘These include a nice Nigerian guy who sells the best roast chicken around (he did this in Paris as well), a couple of Egyptians and a Tunisian who make great chicken shawarma and a couple of Turkish guys who do the same with beef.’
    • ‘At just $3.99, the lentil soup with fresh mint is the cheapest and best thing on a menu packed with traditional Middle Eastern dishes like baba ghanoush and shawarma.’
    • ‘He imports spices, fava beans, and fruit nectars from Israel and bakes his own lafah, the Yemenite flatbread that makes his turkey shawarma something special.’
    • ‘By the way, don't forget to add schug (hot sauce) to your shawarma for the ultimate experience!’
    • ‘Vendors with swollen pink faces were selling shawarma on every street.’
    • ‘People everywhere in the city walk around munching on shawarma, a species of doner kebab: chicken or lamb sliced off a hot rotating cone, wrapped in either pitta or flat Georgia lavash and dipped in spicy yoghurt.’
    • ‘Ten years ago, nightlife in Syria afforded no such pleasures, with no options other than five - star hotels or shawarma stands.’


Colloquial Arabic šāwirma, from Turkish çevirme ‘sliced meat roasted on a spit’ from çevirmek ‘turn, rotate’.