Meaning of shawl collar in English:

shawl collar


  • A rounded turned-down collar, without lapel notches, that extends down the front of a garment.

    ‘Made from soft cotton, it features a shawl collar, sash tie with belt loops and side pouch pockets.’
    • ‘You can choose between a single-, double- or triple-breasted jacket with peak or notch lapels, and with a regular or shawl collar.’
    • ‘If you're using a soft fabric to create a blouse, the collar may be a soft shawl collar or a more structured traditional collar - the interfacing would be different depending on the desired finished effect.’
    • ‘Waves of applause greeted a cinched blue silk jacket with a shawl collar scattered with silver embroidery, worn over a citrine skirt in mille-feuille layers of stiff organdie.’
    • ‘Over a base of white printed leggings - that came with everything, from morning suit to evening gown - Lacroix put narrow black coats with light blue fox shawl collars.’
    • ‘He altered the suit, the basic unit of male power, by adding shawl collars and drawstrings and other feminine touches, without losing the androgynous mystique that women thought they needed to be taken seriously.’